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Jasmine Zou (Founder)
  • A graduate of Bentley University with a Bachelor of Accounting, the responsibility entails the development of financial strategies and plans for Cattitude Media to attain its financial goals. This includes the continuous monitoring of cash inflows and outflows, forecasting cash needs, and formulating strategies to optimize cash utilization.

  • Providing strategic financial guidance and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of financial information are integral aspects. Advanced data analysis techniques are leveraged to maximize resource efficiency, enhance Cattitude Media's market value through cost control, and mitigate risks.

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of market trends, industry innovations, and competitive dynamics, the focus is on identifying adaptable technological solutions. Offering precise technical recommendations and guidance to propel the company forward.

  • With over a decade of experience in investment management, expertise is demonstrated through a discerning eye for financial intricacies. Actively contributing to shaping and executing Cattitude Media's technology strategy to align seamlessly with overarching business objectives.

Cecilia Wang (Co-founder)
  • Possessing a Master of Science in Global Marketing Management from Boston University and crowned Miss Asia 2022, along with an Influencer role, the professional background comprises significant roles within the media industry. Serving as the Brand PR Manager at Phoenix TV Marketing Department and undertaking responsibilities as the host of the Finance Channel, extensive knowledge and practical experience have been accumulated.

  • Expertise lies in the formulation and execution of comprehensive marketing and promotional plans, driven by a commitment to fostering sales growth and cultivating strong client relationships. Accumulating many years of experience in both the Chinese and American markets has facilitated the development of a profound understanding of diverse market demands and cultural nuances.

  • The current focus within Cattitude Media revolves around addressing client needs, specializing in strategic positioning, meticulous market trend analysis, and the augmentation of brand awareness and sales through innovative digital marketing techniques.

Fiona Guo
Director of International Business Development
  • With over 5 years of industry experience, specialization emerges in market positioning, competitive analysis, and leveraging diverse cultural backgrounds for the development of brand and corporate growth strategies.

  • Expertise is demonstrated in crafting effective market positions, conducting insightful competitive analyses, and incorporating cultural nuances to facilitate successful growth.

  • A forward-thinking approach characterizes the ability to stay abreast of industry trends. The commitment is to provide innovative solutions aligned with the evolving business landscape.

Lucy Luo
Director of Event Planning
  • Possessing a substantial background in journalism and demonstrating exceptional emcee skills, the role involves contributing significantly to the intricate and creative planning of large-scale corporate and product brand events tailored for major clients.

  • This dynamic responsibility entails intricately weaving together various elements to orchestrate experiences that transcend the ordinary, ensuring each event becomes a unique and memorable occasion.

  • A nuanced understanding of client objectives, industry dynamics, and the art of storytelling guides the approach, aiming at elevating the overall event narrative to new heights of sophistication and impact.


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